About Us

Aditi Dev, An alumnus of NIFT, Gandhinagar (India’s premier design school), Aditi is a jewelry designer with a vision who started House of Ada, a designer silver jewelry brand.

In past, she held several high positions in reputed Indian jewelry design houses. But she always wanted to start a brand of her own. This spirit of entrepreneurship also got a push from her innate desire to give craftsmen their due credit for the hard work they put in.

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She believes that every piece should be an intertwining of personal stories, affordable luxury and traditional craftsmanship. That’s why every handcrafted piece designed by her, aims to stand out as unique everyday wear.

The journey which started in 2015 has manifested from a few designs on paper to a full Design Studio in Lucknow. Aditi is also refreshingly aware of the impact she can leave as a young woman entrepreneur in society and realizes the importance of mentorship. She aims to provide employment opportunities to more women as House of Ada grows and as her team expands in the coming years.

Aditi has always been inspired by the diversity and richness of various cultures around the world, and the same can be seen in her design aesthetics.

About the Designer : Aditi Dev Agarwal

I am a proud regular customer of House of Ada! Their jewellery is extremely versatile and wearable. The designs are absolutely stunning and I always have such great fun styling them with both my ethnic and western pieces. They even cater to any special requests and ideas you’ve regarding designs and stones
Rashmi, Mumbai
The jewelry from House Of Ada is a beautiful mix of contemporary and traditional. Each piece speaks of the thought... the effort that has been put into it while designing it for today's woman. Since I am very fond of silver jewellery I simply love visiting the store to pick up as many earrings... rings... chokers as I can. I love the designs ....they r worth each penny. Kudos to the designer for giving the right silver Jewellery destination in Lucknow
Anjali, Lucknow
Beautiful collection. Elegant and tasteful. Loved the jewellery
Gargi, Ahmedabad